Membership on the Committee may be granted to persons who are recommended by a current member and who have good moral character, have declared their intention to become a member, and who otherwise qualify as voting or affiliate members.

Voting Members: Individuals and representatives of organizations related to Power Engineering, or that provide materials or services to the Power, Electrical, Steam, HVAC/R and/or Building Maintenance & Operations Industries, or who otherwise maintain a direct relationship with any segment of those industries, are eligible for membership. There are a maximum of two voting members, appointed annually, from each Canadian jurisdiction. Voting Members shall have full voting rights and the right to hold office.

Affiliate Members: shall have neither voting privileges nor the right to hold office Such Membership shall be at the discretion of the Committee. Individuals may be eligible for Affiliate Membership if they share a common interest in the field of Power Engineering and wish to work toward a unified voice on issues of common interest. Affiliate members are encouraged to participate fully in the annual IPECC meeting and on sub-committees.

Sub-Committee Members: Must be Voting or Affiliate members in good standing. Sub-Committee Members meet to work on Power Engineering syllabi, curricula, and recommended reading, and to make subsequent recommendations for approval by the overall IPECC.


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